Pen vs. Keys

Well, here I am on my first blogging experience. I must say it’s not so much of a challenge moving from paper to computer, but it is a milestone in my own life, which of course I am about 10 years behind, lol. I do miss the feel of a pen in my hand moving across the notebook pad, seeing the ink slip on top of the lines of the page. Looking with anticipation before I finish a word, at the bottom corner, as I flip to the next to finish my thought. But, typing is not so bad, and in fact I am much faster at it and THANK GOD for spell check 🙂 But, I will never do away with my first love, the trees of life that have taken me through some rough times. Lets just say, I am giving back to the environment….in a big way LOL.

So here is the beginning of this blog journey. I start it with a prayer that something good will come from this, for me and for you. I hope my thoughts are well expressed, but felt and heard in the deepest parts of who you are.

With that, I will also be giving you glimpses of some great note book artworks that I come across while I am out and about. For those of you who LOVE the smell of a new page and the uniqueness and design of a book, keep your eyes open and I will be posting were to find them.

Until Tomorrow!

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