What is a Piewakie?

“The name Piewakie was given to me by my family from childhood. A term of endearment, it has always reminded me of who I am, where I come from and that I am loved! Thus, naming my blog Piewakie was also apart of my desire to share that with the world. To encourage women everywhere to remember who they are (women created in God’s own Image), where they are from (a place far more glorious than earths beauty can proclaim), and that they are loved beyond measure!”

What motivates the content you share?

“I am motivated by my daily experiences as a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife a mother and every other roll that I have or may play in a life time. Rolls that take me to places that can bring me much joy, but also much pain.  I believe that sharing those experiences are powerful, and allow us to connect as women, and ultimately help us to support one another and lift one another up. Knowing that we are not alone on the journey. “

What do you hope to accomplish with this content?

“It is my hope that on every page of this blog you find encouragement to stay the course of life, motivation to make a difference, and HOPE to hold on!”

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