About Me

Self Portrate

What does Piewakie mean? 

“As a child, I was called Pie by my family. I was told that I have a Pie face as a little girl. So the name stuck and somehow morphed into Piewakie. It’s one of those things that stands out. No one else has that nickname, or at least that I’ve heard. It keeps me down to earth, but also reminds me that I am unique and special. Reminds me that I am loved.”

Why did you start this blog? 

“I truly love creativity, and watching things come to life. Those things range from food, sewing, painting, homeschooling my kids, to the every day making things work in life that you just gotta figure out. I’ve seen things and thought, ‘”Wow, I wonder if any other person is looking for this?'”, or I create something and think, “‘This would be something other people might find useful or beautiful'”. So, I figured why not share these things with the world and inspire others to keep CREATING because we were born to create. Thats what God made us to do, to impact the spaces that have been given to us and make a change”.

What inspires you to create? 

“Wow…everything! I love art, I love colors, I love texture, I love tastes, I love smells, and I love people. All of those things inspire me to create. My family always gives me a springboard to try new things and so being around them daily motivates me to continue to come up with new things.”

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? 

“I hope to be a light that shines in a dark space in peoples lives. I pray that it will also provide a way for me to touch humanity and make them just a bit more happier that day.”

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