About Me


What does Piewakie mean? 

“As a child, I was called Pie by my family. I was told that I have a Pie face as a little girl. So the name stuck and somehow morphed into Piewakie. It’s one of those things that stands out. No one else has that nickname, or at least that I’ve heard. It keeps me down to earth, but also reminds me that I am unique and special. Reminds me that I am loved.”

Why did you start this blog? 

“I am a writer by nature. I’ve kept journals sense childhood. My very first journal was a white leather book, with a pink heart on the front and a lock. I was intrigued by the lock, just knowing I could write whatever I wanted in there and no one could open it. So I would scribble and write, and sometimes even draw. Those things have always been gotos for me to empty myself of my emotions, my fears and thoughts. I could express myself there with no judgement and also felt like I was talking to God. I’ve kept throughout my life. I have WAAAAAAAY to many journals, but I love having them. A fresh notebook is getting huge treat! I have to have them!

I later on grew and realized that not only did I love writing, but I also loved sharing things with others to inspire and help them. Words have power, and if I can put words out into the world to help people, that brings me so much joy, and it also helps me to work through life’s challenges. To try and share some transparency on my journey with God, and hear from others about their life as well.”

What inspires you to write? 

“Wow…everything! I love writing stories, so I can sit and come up with things that have meaning or a lesson woven in to teach something. I love meeting new people, and that inspires me to write as well. My family for sure is an inspiration. My husband and children give me endless content that challenges me in my life, inspires me. I especially love meeting women who have powerful stories. Because I can’t take those women and put them in my back pocket, I instead will opt to write about them, or their stories. I also absolutely love God’s word! It is so inexhaustible and full of life lessons and contact. I read it and something comes to mind and I have to write. This happens almost every day. I have to control myself though, my thoughts sometimes can get out of control, so I have to remind myself to stay on the page, don’t wonder off, lol.”

What made you go into the direction of Podcasting? 

“Podcasting was something that actually wasn’t on my radar. I had no idea how to do it or what it really was. I wanted to do live interviews with women and last year I came up with the idea to use my blog as a hosting site to just record my conversations with women that I meet who have wonderful testimonies or stories to share. My husband showed me how to use n-track studio, and from there I came up with the idea of “At The Well” radio. He helped me a lot, and eventually told me that I should look into doing something more with it.

Technology has come so far that building a studio in your house is not really needed anymore. If you have a laptop, cell phone and editing equipment on your laptop, you are set to go. A friend approached us last year and told us that we should think about podcasting, which for me sounded like a huge task. But, it turns out, while it is work, it wasn’t impossible or very expensive. I learned the software, downloaded the app and started recording again, and now instead of hosting through my blog site, I am available on sites like Anchor, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Beaker, Spotify, and so many more. I truly enjoy talking about topics that are important to me, talking with people who are amazing, inspiring and sharing things with people to encourage them to grow and perhaps even think differently.”

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog and podcast? 

“I hope to be apart of a change that takes place in one person life. Yea, I hope for more, but if one person can be encouraged to not quite life, to not give up on themselves or their marriage, to fight through depression, anger, sadness, loneliness, grief, confusion, and look to God and find direction, comfort, inspiration, and purpose. To find a friend, in God and ultimately to to see there is a whole community of others who need God just as much as they do and that they are lot alone on this journey of life, then I would have accomplished my goal.”

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