Ommmmmmm Good!!! 

My husband and I love traveling! With that comes the joy of visiting different spots to eat. In our reboot of the “Vegan” lifestyle, we have been on the hunt for the spots that are in town that offer a good mix of options for the vegan crowd.

A friend suggested a little quaint place called the Om Cafe. Yes, that is the correct name, and the food wasn’t bad. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. Though being a vegan is much easier in our day and age,  it can be a challenge to find places who get that vegan eating is much broader than just sprouts, beans, and a cup of spring water. And Lord knows folks need to know how to season food!

With that being said, there are some who get it and have taken the “Bull by the Horn”, or should I say the “Corn by the stawk” and push the envelope to bring some old favorites with a bit of a twist.

The hardest thing for me to give up in this vegan journey was cheese (though I am not a Die Hard Vegan, as I cheat sometimes) but my body can’t handle processing it, so I stay away from it as much as possible, with much WEEPING and GNASHING of TEETH! One of my favorites is Mac & Cheese. My Aunties Mac & Cheese to be exact. But, I found an alternative that actually wasn’t so bad.

At the Om Cafe we tried their Brown Rice Sushi Rolls (and I love Sushi Rolls, and have had some really good ones in my day) with a nice Avocado dipping sauce. They were pretty good, and the brown rice, which at first made me think it wasn’t going to pop with much flavor, turned out GREAT! Then came the main course:


Mac & Cheese with Kale, seasoned Tofu chunks & a nice curry cheese sauce! They give you a pretty nice helping as well, so you truly get satisfied! I would have never thought that Kale would go so well with a dish like this, but it was a great addition to make it more hardy, healthy, and added a complex taste that worked great with the cheese sauce.

Then my husband ordered one of his favorites.

A good old Mexican Hay Stack!  Hey, who can go wrong with that….although you never know! 

For desert we figured we would end it all with trying one of their best sellers.
Vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate! 

Everything turned out pretty good and we were not disappointed. I would recommend this place to my friends and family. The dishes aren’t cheep, but it was worth the afternoon out with my sweetie and we left happy.

Go check out the Om Cafe at 23136 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, MI 48220. Tell them sent ya!

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