Coney Craze!

There is a new restaurant that just opened in downtown Detroit capitalizing on the new, but old, “Vegetarian/Vegan” craze. You’ve seen it, on the news feeds in social media, magazines, TV broadcasts….EVERYONE is wanting to try it out.

This new place is called “Chili Mustard Onions”. Yep, located right in the heart of downtown Detroit:

Specializing in none other that VEGAN cooking:

The reasons why people are heading towards this lifestyle varies from person to person. Some are residing in the chicken wings, beef and pork because it has been proven that the carnivore lifestyle is unsustainable for the environment. Others are doing it because If health reasons. (Read about the Blue Zone Folks on the West coast). Others feel like they want to get away from processed, unhealthy foods.

No matter the reason, I believe this new wave is here to stay!

Today, the family ventured out to try this new place, that has been shutting down by 5pm due to running out of food by 5pm in the afternoon. Not a bad thing for them 🤷🏽‍♀️, but perhaps for the people driving from 2-3 hrs away to get a bite. Yep, that can put a damper on things, but they are new and they are learning, so I suggest before heading out, call and find out if things are still available.

We were fortunate to see this possibility and decided to get there early and wait in line for opening. Low and behold, when we pulled up, there was already a line outside at 11:55am. They open at 12noon:

None the less, our wait wasn’t to long for a party or 5. I’d say about 5 minutes. But that was due to being some of the first to arrive. The space is very limited, but they worked it out by pushing a couple of tables together:

It was a very welcoming atmosphere. Clean and the servers are friendly and warm. The bathrooms are single serve, and very clean.

The Chef today was celebrating her birthday 🎂. So we all sang HBD to her and it was just amazing!

But, let’s get to the most important part of it all. The FOOD!

We ordered from the small menu that offered just a few items, which wasn’t a bad thing. So what you do and do it well, and you won’t need a lot to prove you are good.

For an appetizer we ordered the Chili Cheese Fries:

They were good, but the portion size left much to be desired. It’s size is most likely enough to feed two people. Our party of 5 got one bite apiece. So be prepared to order another if you have more folks to feed. It could have been larger for the price – $6.50. However, I did like the fresh cut fries. Honestly, I’ve had better vegetarian chili, but for a meal out with the fam or for a quick lunch, it was nice.

For our main courses we ordered the “BIG Mock”, a play in the Big Mac:

This portion size was actually pretty good. Resembling much like the Big Mac use to be years ago with two patties. They got the portion size right on this one! The sauce also was very good. But most importantly, the patties were amazing! They were a blend of the beyond burger, and their own mixture of of burger added. The burger game is really changed when it comes to vegetarian eating, so the competition has gotten tighter over the years. But what I love about this burger is the patty size and moist texture. Full of flavor, and not cardboard, like many of the vegetarian burger patties that are out there. This burger is WINNING!

The kids got a Coney Dog. This dog I’m pretty sure taste great with the chili and cheese, which they opted out of. Kids tend to eat much simpler than adults, so just a splash of ketchup and mustard is what they opted for. It came with fresh cut fries and a drink (Simple Brand Juice Box).

I am not a fan of the “Smart Dog” Brand, which is what this is. It is a bit rubbery and lacks some flavor. But, for a vegetarian option while out and about, it will work and the kids enjoyed it. So much so that they finished off their sisters plate too:

Now some folks may be deterred by the area it’s in. But not to worry, it’s right by the DMC and the area is being built up pretty quickly. Brownstones are popping, and restoration of this neighborhood is happening quickly and beautifully:

In fact, I’d dare say anyone looking to venture into a business should look into this up and coming area….before its impossible to even get in.

Over all it was an enjoyable experience and the food was good. I still believe this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vegetarian/vegan food scene in the D and all over the U.S. So, stay tuned because we will be coming to you with even more good eats that make you want to say, “Veggie WHAT!!”.

CMO – Chili Mustard Onions

3411 Brush Street, Detroit, MI 48201

Open: Mon – Sat 12-5pm (CLOSED SUNDAY)


Facebook: Chili Mustard Onions

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