This year marks a milestone for me. One that seemed so far away when I first thought about it last year. It’s just a few months away and I am kind of freaking out, but not really, but really! I will be turning 40 this year, and I promise I thought I had so much time. I can still remember thinking 40 was light years away, as I would look at my mother from time to time, wondering what it must be like to be “that old”. Little did I know, I was going to be, if God allowed, that old one day. This year I will be looking at 22 years of being a highschool graduate. Life seemed so simple then…but we all have heard that story. You couldn’t have told me I wasn’t going to be on the stage singing with Michael Jackson some place. Yep, that was my goal, to be a backup singer for MJ. I thought I knew what I wanted then, and knew how I was going to get it. Boy, how I had no clue that God would take the sail of my life and blow it in an entirely different direction.

Many years have passed, too quickly I might add, and I find myself thinking about what lessons I’ve learned as I approach the big 40. What could I say God has shown me over these last 22 years or so that has impacted me as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a human being. Well, this month I will be sharing some of those lessons with you and I hope that they somehow resonate with you, and encourage you, as they have encouraged me on this wild journey of life. While I know the lessons are far from being completed at the age of 40, they are for sure some of the most pivotal and vital lessons of my life, that will carry me to the next stages and lessons He has for me. My goal now is to enjoy the ride.

LESSON #1Humility: Not one of my strong suits for sure. I mean, yea I am not the type of gal to go around and boast, but I am also not the kind of girl who likes asking for help. It’s one of my most HATED things in the world. I like to think I am a strong woman who can do everything on her own. But, that is so dumb right! I mean, everyone needs help at some point in their life. However, what really brought this home to me was this past week’s events of getting sick, then my husband getting sick. When both of the CAPTAINS are sick, it makes a huge impact on the ship and how it runs. I just couldn’t do anything, laying in bed, trying my best to hold down whatever was in there…which was hardly anything due to other issues (need I say more). He, my husband, was also down and could hardly move. So our children were left to kind of fin for themselves, and the little people were just all over the place, running a muck in the house. I could hear them through the door and think to myself, “Get up, the house is going to be a mess! You have to get up, the will be hungry soon, GET UP, GET UP“. But, no matter how much I tried to tell myself to get up, the more my stomach said, “YOU AIN’T GOIN NOWHERE GIRL“. So, I had to surrender.

To top it off, the week got even more hectic when my husband’s fever just wouldn’t break, and I had to get up out of my sick-bed and drive him to the Urgent Care, because he simply couldn’t do it himself.  It was a really bad time. Then, that’s when it happened. The HELP CALLS started pouring in, and with every one, I felt even more powerless and weak. With each text, I tried to get up and will myself to do what needed to be done, but I just couldn’t. So, I had to accept the HELP that was being given. I had to humble myself, stop being silly and take the meals offered, take the rides to school for the kids offered, and take the healthy meds help being offered. Then it hit me, as it was all happening and I was able to recover and get some rest, that I was being STUPID. Yep, it felt good to not have to be SUPER MOM, and try to do it all. It felt good to let this thing take its course and not worry about my kids eating or getting to school. It felt good to let go and LET GOD. Let God do what He does through other folks that He put in your life surrounding you. This was the BODY in action. This is what the entire thing was all about. Me learning what it meant to be apart of the body. Being apart of the body wasn’t just about me giving, helping and serving others. But, it also meant that I must allow others to give, help and serve me to. They are just as valuable to God and He wants to help them grow in their understanding of what it means to be like Him and exercise the muscles of service to others. By not accepting the help of others, I was preventing God from being who He is in their life and in mine. Being the sustainer and provider in my life, when I am weak, to carry me through.

So, before I turn 40, I must allow God to crucify the PRIDE in my life. Truth be told, the older I get the more help I will need. Yea, it may not come right away, but it will come. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it is apart of us becoming more like Him daily. Learning complete dependence on Him, and that will show up in our willingness to serve, as well as being served by others.

Galatians 5:13, “For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.

Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.

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