Such A Pesto! – Vegan Pesto Cavatappi

One of my favorite places to eat when we have a special day out is Noodles & Company. I love the Pesto Cavatappi, however, I always have a mind to examine my food to see if I can Veganize it.

Yesterday I was able to come up with a version that was satisfying, tasty, and I didn’t have to worry about an aftermath, and saves me cash.

Here is my simple version of Pesto Cavatappi:


1 pkg of Cavatappi Noodles (Cooked, according to package directions)

1 cup Cashews (Soaked overnight & drained in the morning)

1-2 hand full Fresh Spinach

2 garlic cloves

1 medium pkg Small Portobello mushrooms (Sliced)

1 small pkg Cherry Tomatoes or Sundried Tomatoes (whole or halved)

1 medium Red Onion (Chopped)

2 cubes frozen Basil (Doll Brand)

1/2 tsp Salt

1 tsp Onion Power

1/4 cup of water (more or less depending on the consistency you desire)

2 tbsp Brags Liquid Aminos


Place spinach, garlic, cashews, onion powder, Basil cubes, water and Liquid Aminos in a blender and blend until smooth, then sit to the side.

Take your sliced mushrooms, chopped onions, cherry tomatoes/sundried tomatoes, salt and sauté in a pan until soften. Set this mixture to the side. (I try not to use oil, but water instead when sauteing, but you can use about 1 tbsp of olive oil if you need it.

Cook you noodles last, as you want the heat from the noodles to warm up the pesto sauce when poured over the dish. Place cooked and drained noodles back in the pot, then pour pesto mixture over and stir. To add a little bit of a kick to it, you can add some fresh ground black pepper, and perhaps some hot sauce, which is one of my favorite things to do! The pesto seems to dry up a bit over time, so it is best when served right away, yet it is still good if you serve it later, or eat the next day. Enjoy!

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