#thewallsofjerichowillcomedown – Switch it up!

Did you know that the enemy knows you so very well. Yep, he expects you to be who you are, because he has watched you your entire life. He knows how you move, how you speak, what you like and don’t like. He feels like he is really intimately acquainted with who you are. But what he doesn’t know is that you have the ability to switch it up. You can play him at his own game.

Joshua is now headed back to the city of AI and this time he is ready and prepared to do something DIFFERENT than what he did before. AI I am sure, figured they would be headed back, but the last time they met, they defeated the COI, and sent them away devastated. This time however, what AI doesn’t know is that God is in fact on their side and means for them to win, but they will not come at them the same way they did before. In Joshua 8:3-7, God gives Joshua the plan on how to attack:

1. Send troops to the back of the city of Ai

2. Don’t stand too far away from the city

3. You and the troops approach the city from the front

4. When they come out, like before, retreat, luring them away from the city

5. Leave them as they retreat from the city

6. Rise up from behind the city in your hiding places near the city and TAKE IT!

That was the plan in a nutshell. The enemy expected for them to approach just as they had before. But this time the COI used that to their advantage and got the enemy away from the city and took it, just like that. Seems simple right, but yet, if they had not listened to and followed the plan, it would have failed.

The enemy assumed he knew how they would fight. Just like your enemy assumes your fighting tactics. Perhaps he even assumes you won’t fight at all. He doesn’t see us praying, he watches us living lives that are contrary to what our commander has asked us in this battle of life. He feels like we are such predictable easy targets. Wouldn’t it however, be interesting if we actually gave him a run for his money and WALKED OUT GOD’S PLAN OF ATTACK on his city, for our lives. Hey, it couldn’t hurt right? I mean, for some of us, perhaps we just keep getting defeated, walking up to the gates, or perhaps the doors of the city of the enemy and he keeps defeating us. We approach because we feel like we are capable of fighting him, but we keep getting beat back into the woods of discouragement, brokenness and sin. All to end up doing the same old thing.

How about trying something NEW, and switch it up…something like actually following through with the directives God has given and seeing what he will do with us as a result of our willingness to defeat the enemy on God’s terms, not our own.

The amazing thing about this fight though, is we gain so much more than a city and its riches, we gain our lives back from the snare of the enemy, we can gain our families back, our minds back, our habits, and behaviors back, marriages, and so much more. Ultimately, we gain eternity with Him, which is far more precious than anything that we could think or imagine.

Isaiah 43:19, “Look, I am about to do something NEW. Now it begins to happen! Do you not recognize it? Yes, I will make a road in the desert and paths in the wilderness.

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