CHI about Kim!

Today we had the opportunity to try out a NEW Korean restaurant. Previously we had to travel over 30 minutes away to get some good old BiBimBop or KimBop. But, now we can just roll to the next town over. The New spot is called, “KIMCHI“.  

We happen to arrive just before the lunch rush, and found some good seats. They have a lunch menu and a dinner menu, but if you know your stuff, you can order some things that you may not see on the menu!

Here is what we enjoyed today:

BiBimBop Bowl with Tofu 🍲

Soon Du Bu Soup – Tofu 🍲

And my favorite Kimchi Pancake 🥞

The kids enjoyed a good old fried rice 🍚

All and all, it was really good! Next time I will try the stone bowl BiBimBop to see how that goes, but we will be going back for sure!

Here is a quick look at the menu for take out:

If you happen to travel through the Metro Detroit area, check out Kimchi, Korean and Thai Bistro restaurant, located at 45620 Ford Rd., Canton, MI 48187.

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