#thewallsofjerichowillcomedown – Righteousness or Riches

The walls of Jericho have fallen, and Joshua and the children of Israel relish in this win.  That win however, only came as a result of obeying God’s direct battle strategy. It must have felt amazing. This “WALL”, was no match for their God. Yet, this was just the beginning of the revealing of the “Spiritual” walls that lay between God and His children.

One of their first wins aftering entering the Promised land, the children of Israel didn’t realize that this was to set a president for what God wanted them to understand about the future of their following God in FAITH. He instructed them, after the defeat of Jericho to not take any riches from the city. Can you imagine the thought some of them may have had in their mind; “We have been wondering in the wilderness, sleeping under trees, running from armies through the desert and rivers, eating the same food over and over and over again. What’s the big deal about taking some of the riches from our enemies? I mean, they don’t need it any more and it’s just going to sit and waist. We DESERVE those things as God’s children!”. However, not everyone in the tribe understood what this was really about.

Here was the first SPIRITUAL WALL that the Israelites were faced with. The wall of “SELF DENIAL”. When God tells us to leave something behind, to stay away from, refuse something that seems so enticing, so innocent, so good, it can be challenging. But God has reasons behind what seems to be denying ourselves something good. He can see the end of that decisions and where the road leads.

There was one person in this group who decided to ignore the directive God gave to leave the riches behind, and decided to take a little bit of something for himself. This proved to be a grave mistake, not just for him, but also for his family. We will read about him later.

For now, I want to leave you with this thought. Trust God with the decisions He’s made for you. Those decisions won’t always resemble what He is doing in other people’s lives. His plan for you is direct, intentional and purposeful. Trust it, though what’s in front of you seems enticing, prosperous and harmless. Keep pace with the instructions  and directives provided to you by your COMMANDER and you will be thankful when you see what God has for you on the other side of your WALLS.

Psalms 32:8, “I will INSTRUCT you and TEACH you in the way you should go; I will COUNSEL you with my eye upon you.


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