#thewallsofjerichowillcomedown – Home Owners Insurance!

Have you ever been in an earthquake, or perhaps a tornado? I can remember my first experience as a child, in elementary school, sitting at my desk. All of a sudden it sounded as if there was a team of elephants running on top of the school building! Before we knew it, our teacher yelled out for us all to get under our desks and take cover. We were having an earthquake! I had heard about them, but had never experienced one myself. It was terrifying and scary. The world under my feet and around me felt like it was falling apart, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Rehab had a similar experience. You remember the harlot that hid the spies that Joshua sent into the land. She hid those spies from the men who were sent out to kill them. While they were there hiding, she told them of what she had heard about their God. They confirmed her hearings and she made a decision that day, when the species returned with Joshua and the army of Israel to take the land, she wanted to be in God’s side.

They told her to hang a rope outside her window, as a sign to preserve her home and all those in it when the time came for the city to be taken. The day that the wall fell, Rehab and her family were in her home. She lived on the wall the Bible says, so she not only heard the city being taken and destroyed, but she and those in her house felt it. The world was literally shaking around them. I can imagine being there, huddled in a corner together as a family, holding one another, praying as much as they knew to do. Asking the God of Joshua and this children of Israel, to keep them, protect them, preserve them through this literal shaking that was taking place that day.

I imagine they heard a knock on the door, after things quieted down. Arising from the floor, letting go of her mothers hand, she must have approached, wondering if perhaps she has been found out by the Jericho police. Where they coming to take her away? Would they take her family? What would Happen to them all? However, when she opened that door, it wasn’t the police of Jericho, but in fact those spies that she helped, ushering her and her family and all they had to come forth, out of hiding, into the NEWNESS of life that He has for her and her kindred.

She walked out of that house on the wall, holding the hand of her parents, Siblings, their families and other kindred, and pass by the rubble that lay around them. The entire wall of Jericho has fallen…accept for her little tiny portion of the wall.

She was amazed and so were her family members. They initially thought she was crazy, when she told them to come in and find shelter from this destruction. That she knew the true living God, a God they did not know, would preserve their lives. They walked out one by one, stepping over bodies, over bricks from homes, once towering buildings that were now crumbled, costly shops, food wagons, armies of men and so much more. It all lay in waist, but nothing from Rehabs home was destroyed, but preserved.

Perhaps there have been times, or maybe you are in that time right now, when the world around you seems to be shaking. You hear the pain and destruction of things around you. The cries of those who are outside, and you feel the quake under your feet. So close to you that you see the cracks in your own walls, and fear you too will be destroyed by the war taking place around you. But let this story of a woman, who for all intents and purposes didn’t deserve to be counted among those of God’s children. A prostitute, who in a moment, chose to step out and believe the words of those spies, and trust that what she had heard about this God, and what He had done for others, He could do for her.

Have you waited a long time for God to answer a prayer. Perhaps to bring your loved ones in to safty. Does it feel like everything around you is crumbling, and does it sound like destruction is close to your door. Trust this, that God wants to preserve you and yours, just as he did Rehab and her family. All He asked her to do was have FAITH, and put the rope outside the window. Your rope today may be your marriage, your money, your job, your living situation, your education, your health, or whatever it may be. Putting it in God’s hands is the safest place for it to be.

And just as Rehab saw, when the door finally opened, that God had shielded her from the destruction all around. He will also preserve you and whatever you trust into His hands. Nothing will be able to consume it, and you will be able to walk through destruction all around, in tact, whole, and walking side my side with those who waiting out the quake with you under God’s shelter of protection. His insurance plan is guaranteed!

Joshua 6:25, “And Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive, and her father’s household, and all that she had; and she dwelleth in Israel even unto this day;”

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