Kick the Cow! Homemade Non-Dairy Ice-cream Sandwich

In my last blog, I explained how I was introduced to an AMAZING Vegan Ice Cream recipe. (Check out the previous blog for the recipe). It was great learning, and also using my friends Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. I had purchased my own, but it didn’t look like it would compare to her very nice electric one. The Cuisinart, when I priced it, was about $80 bucks. While I love me some Ice Cream, I have to say, I am CHEEP! YES, I said it, CHEEP, CHEEP, CHEEP! So, I figured I would just have to go without making my own. But, then my daughter Angel, who turned 5 this past week, requested Ice Cream sandwiches for her birthday. YES, Ice Cream Sandwiches. Ok, now I am in a pinch and I can only hope this $19.99 Ice Cream maker from Wal-Mart will do the job :-/

I was skeptical and felt like it was going to be a disaster, but… actually turned out Perfect! The texture was the same as the Ice Cream made in the Cuisinart. There were a couple of different that really stood out. One being the extra step of needing to add ice to the outside container, along with salt.  Which makes it a bit more involved than the Cuisinart.

But, it still came with it’s own electric top, which churned the ice cream until it is ready. However, in the end, that small step saves me from having to spend $60 bucks and gives you the same result! I was very pleased and so was the family with how it turned out. 

The cookies were homemade Oatmeal Bing Cherry Pecan Cookies! Then we placed a couple of scoops of Ice Cream onto the cookie and smashed together to create the perfect Vegan Ice Cream Cookie! 

The birthday girl was so happy and enjoyed every bit of it!

Try it and let me know what you think, or how you tweak the recipe to make it your own. Perhaps try adding some bananas or strawberries. My next goal is Mint Chocolate Chip!

Until the next time we Kick The COW and don’t forget to check out the blog post on how to make this amazing treat called, “Kick the Cow – Vegan Ice Cream”!

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