Midnight Star Veggie Sausage! 

It has been my mission for a long time to learn how to make my own vegetarian Sausage. For years I’ve purchased the Morning Star Farms Brad from the store. I really like the Maple Flavor in particular. However, the price has shot yo over time and a sister can’t go broke over a veggie sausage! They reduced the amount/size they give you in each box, but go up on price.

When that happened, I searched and searched around for a brand that is comparable, but ALL OF THE VEGGIE MEATS HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS! 5 bucks or more for a box, and it doesn’t even taste good!

The last straw was when I read an article about some of the ingredients found in them that basically “Kill you”. I do love a good sausage for breakfast with my pancakes and such😉.

So, the journey to find an alternative was started and I hunted and hunted for one on line, on YouTube and beyond. I saw some that seemed pretty good, but always seemed to be more gluten, then other ingredients, and expensive to create. Plus, I wanted a fairly simple process. I figured I would have to work it out on my own.

Yesterday, I decided to just try and tackle it and wouldn’t you know it, on my first try….it all came together! Literally, it all came together in a mixing bowl and the “Midnight Star Sausage” was born!

Take a look at two different methods I used.

The first is the Pressure cook method:

These you can slice and warm in the over, toaster oven, or light brown in a non-stick skillet.

Then the Oven baked method:

This method required baking in the oven for a little while and then allowing to cool. After cooling for about a day, I sliced and placed in freezer for when I need them. This makes a nice amount for multiple meals, and you can freeze them which helps the texture to firm up a bit. You can heat them up also in the oven, toaster oven, or light brown in a non-stick skillet.

I was VERY PLEASED with the outcome! The recipe will be posted soon. Don’t forget to join my blog so you can receive the upcoming recipes and other items I will be sharing.

Thanks a bunch for your support 🙂

5 Comments on “Midnight Star Veggie Sausage! ”

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you for clicking on my blog. I will be happy to send you the recipe. Please go to my site, and click on the “Follow” Link at the bottom of the page to register to receive recipes, promotions and be apart of future FREE give aways. Thanks a bunch 🙂


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