Mediterranean Musings!

A few weeks ago my husband and I ventured to eat in a NEW restaurant located close to the Down Town Detroit area.

It was different, yet familiar cuisine.

Mediterranean Street Food, to which I have no reference in my personal life. Yet, I was smart enough to know that there would be some good vegetarian options with that lingo, as I do love Mediterranean food. So, let’s do this!

We arrived and the menu break down was unique for me:

The setup was much like a Qdoba, in that you choose your base, your toppings, and sides. It took me a minute to choose from the sauces, and “Torshi”, which seems to be a fancy way of saying pickled veggies.

What really got me though was the obvious home style cooking that was taking place in this establishment. Real pots and pans being utilize to cook REAL FOOD, not re-heated or processed:

Then the atmosphere was pretty nice as well:

I was pretty excited to try a bowl 🍚 and see how it “panned out”, ha! Ok, never mind.

So here is a look at the portions and beauty in our bowls:

well, they are kind of expensive, but when it’s good, and they give you a lot, it’s worth it! I would encourage anyone to check them out!


4219 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48201

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