Life on Life Discipleship! – Part 1

Sometimes you can feel very much lost and lonely in a crowd of people. As odd as it may sound, this can happen in a church as well. As a Christian woman, there have been times when I have yearned for a more involved relationship with the women in my church, and yet wasn’t sure how to get there. Yes, we all had the commonality of being Christians, and yet, we knew nothing about one another. We saw each other every week, and yet had very little conversation with one another to draw a relationship that was much more than being members of a congregation. Something had to be done to change this in order for us to participate in effective discipleship for Christ.

What I want to share with you today is the importance and responsibility God has placed on us as women in Christ to be disciples. Yes, we are called to disciple one another and duplicate His character, one person at a time. Now, I know it sounds good, and yet to know how to practically implement this is very different. Many times when we think about the word disciple, we think of something that is much more difficult than what God actually showed to us in scripture. In fact, there are many wonderful examples set for in scripture that give us the practical day-to-day of Jesus and how He took those around Him under his wing. He made sure to pass this onto all those whom he commissioned to take the Gospel all around the world (Mark 28:19). One of my favorite example of this practically playing out in the lives of everyday average people is found in the book of Titus.

In this book, we find that Paul wrote a letter to one of his beloved sons in Christ, Titus, someone whom Paul had mentored and discipled. This letter came as a result of rumors Paul had heard about regarding the many issues that were taking place in the local church on the island of Crete. There were many issues, from lack of leadership, to the families in the church struggling, the factions of Judaizers trying to infiltrate the church with genealogies and law, as well as the civic issues that were taking place outside in the community. Paul felt the need to address these things, and also give Titus a directive as to how to help deal with and educate the church body on how to re-establish a balanced and practical relationship with Christ, and each other.

TItus 2 directly addressed these things. I found the instruction for the women in the church not only personal, but also very much a discipleship plan for women to be able to follow, and help us to see how to develop a cohesive and purposeful relationship within the church body. Some of those direct instructions for “Life on Life” ministry to take place were:

  • Older to Younger Discipleship (Wisdom & Maturity
  • Married to Single Discipleship (Relationships
  • Parenting Discipleship (Stages and Seasons)  
  • Civic Duties & Outreach (Community Envolvement & Evangelism)
  • Health & Wellness (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual)
  • Much more  

All of these things are apart of the process of growing and maturing as a Christian woman, and yet, how do we reach those potentials that Christ has for us, without the help of other women who too have experienced or are experiencing them. The ability to disciple through practical, daily, life on life experience and relationship is what Paul was calling the women of the church to do in Titus 2. It is as simple as making a point to get together and share how God, through the gospel, is growing and maturing us in these areas of life,

If you are apart of church body and yearn for a closer more gratifying experience with other women in your local congregation, I encourage you to invite them to come together and study this amazing book of discipleship, and see how you all can implement this very important practice into your sphere of influence. It will not only change the atmosphere of your local church body, but it will invite others who also desire to meeting Christ and experience true relationship, and discipleship in their lives. It is evangelistic in nature, and can become an amazing tool to share the gospel with others.

Mark 28:19, “Go ye therefore, and TEACH (DISCIPLE) all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

In Part 2, I will give some practical exercises to use for a small women’s group in your local congregations or bible study groups, to crack the ice and begin to open up and share with one another, to help encourage, grow and find accountability along your journey with Christ.

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