Urban Ta-What???

While roaming around the town one summer afternoon, I happened upon a little spot in the corner of a shopping plaza. Very invisible amidst the loads of fast food spots, dinners and shops around.

When I entered the plaza to turn around, the name popped out at me….”Urban Tawa”. I had no idea what TAWA was, but the name Urban gave me an idea of something like street food from a far away place. Most times, those experiences turned out pretty well while traveling abroad. So, I figured it was worth a try.

When I entered I was greeted by a really nice young lady with a smile. I stood trying to make sense of the displayed menu and quickly realized that it was for sure serving a type of Indian cuisine, but in a more urban fashion. I began to ask her about their vegetarian options and she quickly assured me that their menu is ALL VEGETARIAN! That made my day and also made my willlingness to be daring with my choices much easier. I decided to try something simple and went for a Paneer Sandwhich! The price was very reasonable at $4.99, so I figured I wouldn’t loose out too much with that choice if it turned out to be horrible.

Let me tell you, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The Sandwich was AMAZING, and yet so simple. It was like an Indian version of a gorme grill cheese! I tore through that thing, with every intention of saving some for my hubby. However, the small corner piece Barely made it home. When I came home and presented him with this shameful piece of sandwich to taste, he looked at my like I was crazy, but knew this was no joke when he popped that bad boy in his mouth. Even the meisly piece I gave him, made him desirous to try this place out.

So, today we went on a little afternoon date to Urban Tawa and delved in to this new experience of Urban Tawa steet food! It didn’t disappoint!

Tandoori Fries, which was an Indian twist on french fries, for $3.99. They weren’t stingy at all with the serving. We also ordered 2 Paneer Sandwiches and stuck with an old faithful dish Like potatoes Paneer curry with rice, two fruit drinks and one fresh Mango Lasi.  The entire meal came to $40 and we couldn’t even finish it all.

I would encourage anyone who gets a chance, to try out this nice quaint little spot tucked away in Canton, off of Ford and Canton Ctr. Rd. I’m so glad I happened upon this little jewel.


Great tasting food, clean peaceful atmosphere, great servings sizes, reasonable prices, and all vegetarian options, and wonderful service! You will love it 👍

1 Comments on “Urban Ta-What???”

  1. Yum!!! This has seriously made my mouth water! haha 😀 We’ll have to try it out when we’re in the area!


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