Lettuce Come together! 

It’s been a while sense I updated you all on my raised garden beds I and the children made several weeks ago. They have grown quite nice and are now starting to look pretty green and plush. Take a look:

Here is a glimpse over a few weeks of how they grew and bloomed into a tasty treat:

Finally enjoying great crisp lettuce, free of chemicals and Good for you! We’ve had our first chop already and they quickly grew right back. It’s important when you do your chops you don’t rip them off, instead use sissors and cut them. This ensures a great regrowth.

Here are some cucumber, sweet pepper and basil buds coming up:

After about a week or so:

Basil plants growing: 

Things are coming along well. I also took some small pots I had laying around and decides to plant some extra plants in those, to get them started and then transplant when ready. The kids helped me take some chalk paint and make some labels for them so we can easily see what we are growing. Once the small plants grow, and we transplant them, we can easily remove the name on the pot, and plant something else.

These actually make really nice gifts. Once they begin to grow, sprout through the dirt a bit, you can place the pot in a small clear plastic bag, with wholes in it to allow the plant to breath. Put a ribbon around it, with instructions on what kind of plant it is and also how to care for it. It will produce fruit for them later and they will remember you through out the season. The gift that gives later. 😉

For now, the back patio area is coming along. Stay tuned for the pallet chair updates and some added decor to make the area one of a kind and unique. 

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