The BULL is Raging!


Yesterday I was very hurt and discouraged by something that had taken place. It was actually something someone said to me about something that someone shared with them about me and my family. I wasn’t shocked by this because this person is known to be negative, but I still was hurt none the less. I started to think to myself, “Lord, why even try to be kind to people, and show Christ love, when they seem to not want it“. That part of me was raging. I didn’t like the feeling I felt when I thought of those comments, and it made me want to withdraw and not be kind, or loving. Right, isn’t that what we do, when we feel rejected, or mistreated? The natural reaction is to withdraw our love and affections from those who hurt us, and from others because they could hurt us. To protect ourselves from experiencing this hurt and pain again, we build a wall and retreat. It was a huge selfish reaction, and I knew it. I knew also that in order to deal with it, I needed to spend some time prayer because I was hurt and discouraged, and angry as well. YES PEOPLE, I get angry, LOL.

My AMAZING husband encouraged me as he always does and reminded me that the work we do, we don’t do for the glory of people, but for God’s glory. His hug, prayer and kisses was like a healing bomb. But I can’t even lie, I was still harboring some hurt and pain.
I woke up this morning, and had some time with God, and listen to a sermon by one of my favorite people in the world, Nancy Demoss. It was a sermon about the attack of the enemy and how he will STOP AT NOTHING, to prevent Christ work from being done….even try to discourage you and hurt your feelings, send you into depression and so on. Then it hit me at that moment, “I WAS DUPED!!!” He got me and I fell for it! I was willing to remove myself from my own flesh, stop sharing the Love of Christ with someone, because my feelings were hurt. While my feelings were important, and not insignificant, they are never more important than sharing CHRIST with others. Man, I was so upset that I let him do it to me. I prayed this morning and asked God to help me not fall for his tricks again, get up, shake the dust and MOVE. Surrender my hurt, disappointment to Him, and forgive this person for what they had done and said. It is so easy to sit in unforgiveness, and I am really good at it too, so I need God constantly to help me with this struggle.
Finally, I went about my day and I noticed something sitting on the table. A piece of mail I had not seen. It had my name on it, and so I decided to open it. There was a note inside with a special gift and it said:
Thank you for your ministry!
God is not unjust, He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them“, Hebrews 6:10
At that moment, I felt like God was giving me a reminder that what had happened to me, was par for the course. But, don’t forget that God is the one who keeps good records. He knows your heart, and He sees the sacrifices you’ve made, and even knows the prayers you’ve pray for others. Sometimes….most times the reward isn’t going to be visible, immediate, or apparent. Often times your efforts may be rejected to your face. Yet, fighting to remember, that we do what we do, not because of the “Likes” we will get, or acceptance from others. But, we must remember that we share Christ because the reward is heaven, and because He shared that same love with us, how can we hold onto it and not give it away. Christ had the same decisions to make, and He gave a perfect example of this. He SERVED, even when His service was rejected. He LOVED, even when others didn’t accept His love and deemed it evil. He GAVE, even when He knew that His gift would be thrown back in his face, and He LIVED, even when others caused His death.
The moral of the story is…Don’t stop SERVING, LOVING, GIVING, and LIVING for Christ. Some may reject your offerings and make you feel as though you aren’t good enough, or working in vain. But it is NEVER IN VAIN. GOD notices, He sees, and HE understands.
You and I have a purpose down here on this crazy earth. God has a plan for our lives and when we are faced to face with the bull of discouragement, hurt, pain, and whatever else comes along to discourage you from sharing Christ Love, look the enemy in the face, we and remind him, and yourself….”I KNOW WHO I AM, I KNOW WHOSE I AM, and I KNOW WHY I AM HERE….TO DESTROY YOU! SO, GAME ON!” – Tammy Conway

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