Keep It in the Closet!


There are battles that you will face from day to day. Battles that people have no idea you are fighting. Literally waging war with an enemy, and you are sometimes worn out, bruised and broken, but they would have no idea because it’s a silent battle. I’m not one who promotes keeping your struggles and pain to yourself. I believe it is of utmost importance to let people in so you can receive encouragement and help. So many people suffer silently, and as a result, often times end up hurting themselves or others. We’ve seen that a lot lately, and we pray that talking about mental issues, and inner struggles will become more acceptable and common in our circles and church environments.

But, today I want to talk about the struggles that wage within and no one but God himself can help us with. Sometimes these battles you can’t even put into words. If you attempt to, the words would destroy and create a crater too great to climb out of.

So, what do you do when you just need to cry out? Yes, a place you can just let it out, and feel safe to relieve the pressure and allow the load to be lifted.

Well, the ladies at my church had a movie night and we watched the movie, “War Room”. The movies was amazing and we all were so hype to go and create our own “Closets for war”, doing battle with ththe enemy on our knees in prayer.

After decorating it with cute post-it notes, and special bible verses and powerful quotes that seemed to come to me, as I read and had devotions, the wall was loaded with prayers and request. At first it seems so cute and a nice quiet place to go and pray. But, not too long after I made the closet, it seemed like all kinds of stuff began to Happen. Things with myself, my marriage, my children, my church family, my family, and so on. I prayed before, but this closer became a regular daily movement. A place that I and God would go toe to toe, but mostly where I’ve would get training, weapons and ammo. A place where I’ve come to get treated for wounds, and surgery even to repaired my broken heart.

I eventually saw the power of prayer and it was so amazing that EVERY bible verse I put on that wall, and quote, came alive in my life. Those verses and quotes kept me from saying things at the wrong time, giving up, letting discouragement take over. The verses would pop up daily as I faced so many different obstacles, but also blessings. I saw God answering prayers in other people’s lives and confirmations of God’s hand moving! It was just amazing!

This room became and is a sacred place for me.  The room itself has no power. It is a room much like anyone else’s closet, with clothes and stuff. But, it transforms when me and God meet there.  No one can see my prayer room accept my husband. We share a closet. But even he knows that when it’s closed, I’m in the middle of fighting a battle or spending much needed time with my friend. In that closet, I deal with my self, sometimes trying to fight others, my thoughts, feelings and even gain wisodom and understanding. Sometimes I even get a little knock, and it’s one of my little ones, and they ask, “Mommy, can I pray with you?”, and of course they are always welcome. As I pray, I know they sit quietly and hear me talk to God as a friend, and they are making note that they can talk to him too. I tell them all the time, God wants to spend time with them just as much.

The enemy tried to get me today and blindside me. When I left his presence, I felt like going and doing damage. I was angry, I was hurt and I was OVER IT! But…..then as I returns to my home, my reflex was to run to the war room. I needed God to help me not to use my toungue as a weapon, but my knees instead.

As I entered that closet, I couldn’t even look at the scriptures on the wall. I just had to kneel and cry. And cry I did. When I finally stopped crying long enough to get up off my knees and see these scripture that I have repeated, learned, and prayed for almoat 2 years.

I realized when God put it in my heart to make this special place for us to meet, and gave me the scriptures to put on the wall, He saw this day and many more, and that I would need His word as weapon and ammo to fight this very enemy. Then it hit me, if I didn’t prepare ahead of time for this battle, I would have lost today. I would have said, or done something that would have allowed the enemy to win.

I can’t allow him to use me as a weapon to do his dirty work. I must remain close to the commander and stay on guard. Always aware that the enemy wishes to defeat me any way he can. NOT TODAY!

So, I take heart in knowing that my general knows the war tactics of the enemy and prepares His soldiers for war, but we must remember to run to Him, and stay close to Him, using the weapons Hes given us. If we do, we will win this war and eventually see the enemy DEFEATED and destroyed.

Ephesians 6:12, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,[a] against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” 

2 Comments on “Keep It in the Closet!”

  1. This movie literally changed my life. Although I don’t my literal closet (YET), I have been seriously inspired to take it all to the Lord in prayer. It really is a wonder that we pray so little when it is talking to GOD. Thank you for sharing, Tammy!!


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