Patio Plunders – Part 2 

This year I was determined to actually finish working on our patio. It’s been laying Dormant for the last several years. I have attempted at different times to try and accomplish making it a nice place for our family and friends to enjoy in Spring-Fall. Sort of a multi-season patio.

My first goal was to finish the brick outdoor fireplace, using some stray slabs lying around in the yard, and it turned out pretty good. It took some time to fit the right pieces together. It was like putting together a puzzle, but I found a bit of character in the fact that the pieces weren’t all symmetrical. It’s truly “one of a kind” fire-place.

Second, I wanted to make some outdoor raised planters, to which I would plant a small veggie garden that I can maintain much easier than trying to plant in the yard. Our yard is a lake in the spring, and during the Summer, it’s just too much space to maintain a garden. So, I wanted to bring the garden closer to me, right outside on the patio. I figured this would also help because I have been enjoying cooking with live herbs and veggies, so I look forward to being able to just step right outside the back door patio and grab what we need to cook.

They turned out pretty good and the kids had a great time helping me plant some perennials and Lettuce.

They did an amazing job, measuring out the spacing for the seeds, watering and they are excited to see their hard work pay off. I have a couple more to build and the patio garden will be set.

My last project is to build the seating area. Patio furniture can be pretty expensive, and as always, I am looking for ways to save a buck, and incorporate my own style ideas into what I see. So, I figured, I’d take on the task of building my own seating. Sounds easy enough right? Well, the pallet ideas seem to be very popular these days. But just exactly how to make it work for me is going to be a feat.  Last year, I chose to save the old twin bead wood frames from the kids rooms and use them in a pallet project. They were still in pretty good shape, just a little worn. But, that look was what I was going for in designing the patio. So, I figured I would repurpose them and see how it turns out. Worse case, I end up throwing them out, and best case, I LOVE how it all turns out! I’m up for the challenge!

So, stay tuned to see how this seating area turns out and what accessories I run across to add life to this dead patio.


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