It’s NOT In there!! – Homemade Tomato Sauce

I’ve gotten a lot of request over the years from people asking me how I make my homemade tomato sauce. When people hear the word, “Homemade”, they generally think difficult, time-consuming, and too much work! But, I discovered a very simple and easy way to make my own. What I love about this sauce is that not only is it easy to make, but it is so versatile. I use this sauce for dishes such as Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Pasta dishes, Soups, beans, marinades and Stews. It’s so much more healthy, and free of all those preservatives, additives and other junk we can’t pronounce in the processed food world!

Here is my recipe, and it is pretty simple and to the point. Hope you like it and enjoy the ease of this sauce!

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees before you begin:


Fresh vine ripe tomatoes, green and/or red peppers, red or yellow onions, fresh garlic bulbs, olive oil (cold pressed), sea salt & white pepper.

  1. Pre-wash your veggies well.
  2. Once all produced is washed and cleaned, core your tomatoes, removing the vine tips and place them in a large baking pan facing down.
  3. Next, take your other fresh veggies, cut into large pieces, and place them all over the pan with the tomatoes. I love Garlic, so I always put extra garlic. Roasted garlic gives off an amazing flavor and aroma as it roast in the over with the other veggies. The other ingredient that gives a nice sweet flavor, are the colored peppers, such as yellow, red, and orange.
  4. Once everything is placed in pan, drizzle the olive oil over all the veggies.
  5. From here I season with sea salt, white pepper, and to add a little bit of a flavor twist, smoke paprika.
  6. Place your pans of fresh veggies, uncovered, in your preheated over and let them roast for about 1 hr. to 1hr & 30 min.

Check periodically to make sure the tops of the veggies are not completely burned, but they will get chard a bit. Not to worry, that will add some nice flavor and beauty to the sauce when it’s all done.

Once done, remove from oven and then remove the skins from the tomatoes. The roasting process has freed them from the tomatoes and they will slide right off. Don’t worry if there are a few pieces of skin left over, they will get taken care of when you take the tomatoes and blend them up in the blender, along with some of the veggies and liquid from the roasting process. After blending until it is smooth, you will see some tomatoes seeds floating around, but that is what makes this sauce so good…it’s real and authentic. So you get a chance to see your food, not just see the ingredients on the side of a jar label.

After blending it smooth, pour it back into your pan or pot, and then mix everything together. You can feel free to seasoning it as you wish. Fill your canning jars (for canning instructions go to YouTube and look up canning videos to help) or eat right away with you pasta or other dishes you want to try it with.

The consistency of the sauce will not be like your store-bought sauces, which tend to be thick. This sauce will be thinner in look, but the taste will be AMAZING and you will have a hard time going back to the store brands. If you desire a thicker sauce, go ahead and add some tomato paste to your mixture. Now, keep in mind, our taste buds are JACKED up because of years of eating processed foods, so it may take some time to get use to the different texture and perhaps taste. But I must stay, everyone who has ever tried this, always comes out tasting the different between eating fresh, unprocessed sauce, verses the store brands, ANNNNND It is sooooo much better for you.

Here is a look at what all that goodness looks like:


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