Reckless with dynamite! 


Dynamite is a very dangerous piece of explosive material. Its inventor was a man by the name of Alfred Nobel I believe from England. His father, Immanuel Nobel, was a bridge builder and was always looking for an easier way to blast through rock, so that it could make his construction of bridges easier and faster. Working by hand to cut through rock, and mountain terrain with men at the helm, was a tedious process and could take years to do.

Black Powder was in use to do this kind of work, but it was not as safe. So when Alfred Nobel developed a safer alternative, it gained world wide notoriety. But, with the notoriety also comes duplicates and Knock offs. Pretty soon, dynamite, with just a few changes to the composition, could be sold and used all over the world, regardless of the patent Alfred had on his product.

Now, fast forwarding from 1867, when it was first stick was created, to now, almost 140 years later, could he have ever imagined that this item could be transformed, repurposed for what the hearts of men have found for it today. You can turn on the news and see the amazing results and devistation that this material can cause.

Now, with that being said……imagine that the same power and destructive force that this explosive material has backing his name….we too carry with us on a day to day basis. Would you give a piece of dynamite to a person you cared about and loved? Would you take a stick of dynamite and drop it off at your job, or pass it to the next person in line at the grocery story. Or perhaps, would you have one packed under your wedding dress or tux as you walk down the isle to marry the love of your life?

That sounds pretty dumb right? I mean, NO ONE WOULD DO SUCH A THING! But, we do it every day. We ourselves either transfer our dynamite to others on a daily basis, or we take others peoples sticks of dynamite and try to care for it, transform it, cover it to keep it from going off at the wrong time. We do it with our relationships, we do it with our issues and attitudes.

In most cases, we know we have issues, and when the buttons are pushed, we reactive in negative ways.We also can see others as well, and sometimes we choose to ignore the signs. We think, “Oh, it’s not so bad, I can handle it“, or we may say, “I can change them“, or “It’s the other person’s fault, they are the reason why I_____“. You can fill in the blank.

The Bible says, “Can a man take fire into his bosom and not get burned“, says Proverbs 6:27.  The dynamite of attitude, unresolved issues, hurt, pain, resentful feelings, emotions and behavior, can truly destroy a person and those around them if not dealt with.

So, my appeal to us all today is to 1st, stop trying to ignore the stick of dynamite that resides in your life. Perhaps it’s a person, or a situation, circumstance, unresolved issues or problems that keep rising. See it for what it is and begin to ask the Lord to reveal to you the root of that issues. 2nd, once you have identified it, take that explosive thing and give it to the Bomb Expert, Christ Jesus! He’s the only one qualified to handle these explosives, and even clean up the site from the damage it has caused.

1 Peter 5:7-9, “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because[a] your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Don’t get caught with Dynamite….it’s truly Reckless!





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