Something NU!

imageHere is a take on something old made NU. NU-Vegan, a vegan restaurant we visited a few weeks ago while in the DC area. It was a flash back to a restaurant that we had in our home town of Cleveland named “Soul Vegetarian”. The food was quite good, but eventually faded out because the times were not yet ready for that menu.

But, of course now the environment has become MORE than open to this kind of food. Vegan options are all the rage, and more apart of the landscape of food choices today.

Visiting their restaurant this late fall was a welcomed change. My husband and I were nearing the end of our Health and Welness retreat, which was amazing and prepped us to re-adopted a way of life we had gotten away from. Healthy lifestyle is a priority and also necessary for remaining at our best. But it can be hard when traveling and out of your comfort zone. Knowing where to get safe, healthy and tasty food can be a challenge.

But, Nu-Vegan was amazing and made this evening out a real treat for us and our friends. Here is a peak at some of the food we had, and it’s ALL VEGAN and ORGANIC!!!

Chick-N drum sticks, Fish sandwich, Philly cheese steak, chicken sandwich, and Oreo Cheese cake! You….will…..not……..disappointed!

If you ever find yourself in the DC area, you would do well to visit. They have a huge menu of options and other tasty treats. Search for them in your city! If you find them, you are one blessed soul!

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