YOU THIRSTY?!?! Part 1 

I’m sure you’ve heard people urge folks to “STOP BEING SO THIRSTY”. It would imply that somehow they have some control over their thirst. Often times when a person is thirsty, it is quinched by simply getting a drink. But, this thirst being referred to is something completely different, yet completely the same.

The dictionary gives a good definition, but I found that the “URBAN” dictionary, (which I had no clue existed), gave an even better one:

THIRSTY! – 1. Too EAGER to get something 2. Desperate

The moment I read it, the Samaritan Woman’s story came to mind (John 4). She would in today’s time, be considered a “Thirsty” woman.  In her story, she was confronted with the ugly truth about her circumstances. Jesus met her at a place that was routine for her. He met her at a well, where all of the population of her town would through out any given day meet. The same as most of the women during her time, so nothing unique about the place, but the person whom Jesus would confront that day as her own unique person. She carries with her, unique experiences that shaped and molded her into what she had become, which was a very “Thirsty” woman.

A broken woman. A woman who had several broken relationships, one after another, after another, after another. To the point that she stopped even wanting for marriage, but just a companion to keep her company. Willing to settle for someone to keep her warm at night was enough.

Anything to Quench the THIRST!

Which leads me to my first question on the topic of THIRST! How far would you be willing to go to be filled? Of course, I am speaking in figurative language. See, we all “Thirst” for something. Some of us thirst for money/wealth, jobs, material things. Some thirst for companionship, some thirst for position, attention, notoriety, and fame. Perhaps we thirst for peace, health, or even fulfilled dreams. The “thirst” can be for anything. But, how far have we gone to quench that thirst.

Those things in and of themselves are not bad things. But, they can become very dangerous and lead us to a constant dry place when we don’t understand where the true Hydration comes from. Going to the same well to get water every day, didn’t solve the Samaritans real problem. In fact, she was DEHYDRATED, and didn’t even know it.  But, she didn’t realize that at that very place, Jesus would come and meet her there, so He could point her to the TRUE SOURCE of HYDRATION and Fulfillment in her life!

Isaiah 5:3, “Therefore my people have gone  into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honorable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with Thirst.

Has your well run dry yet? Have the things that you thought would bring you peace, joy, comfort and love, actually filled you to overflowing. Or are you at a place of constant dryness. I mean, the kind of dryness that causes your throat to hurt, and pant for air, because you are dehydrated in heart and mind.

Sometimes we don’t even know we are at that place. But God has the ability to reveal to us our true condition, so that we can be REVIVED and have fullness of life. Do you want to be FILLED? Do you even know what dryness looks like, sounds like? Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out if you have symptoms of Dehydration.

Colossians 1:9, “For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that you might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

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