YOU THIRSTY?!?! – Part 2 

DehydrationAt first, I found it hard to believe that a person could walk around experiencing “Thirst” and not even know it. But, I happened to look up the symptoms of DEHYDRATION and discovered that not only is it possible, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been dehydrated before and didn’t even know it! Crazy right?!

The Samaritan Woman we spoke about in Part 1 was experiencing a Dehydration of sorts in her life. Going from man to man, trying to find companionship, not wanting to be alone. The thirst in her life lead to 5 failed marriages and her finally ending up with a live in lover who was not her husband. When Jesus had visited with her, he desperately wanted to reveal to her that the approach she had taken to find happiness was not working. She tried her best to remain distant from the Searcher of Souls, but simply couldn’t talk enough to keep Him from seeing where she really was in her life……which was broken, and desperate to not be alone.

Jesus taking the opportunity to expose her to herself was the catalyst for her taking the first real DRINK in her life. A reality check of sorts. See, she had no clue up until then just how bad her Thirst was. She knew she was in need of something, but she tried to quench it in her own way. It had never worked, so she settled for walking Dehydrated. So much so that it became normal life for her.

Well, one thing I’ve learned over time is just because something seems normal, doesn’t mean it is. We are creatures of habit and we can become acclimated to things quickly, right or wrong. That’s what leads to dysfunction. Learning to live in an environment that is not healthy, yet we may not see. So we ignore symptoms and move on with life or at least try to. But, there are always clues that we are in need.

With dehydration, there are always three most common major clues, and they are – dips in our ability to CONCENTRATE, loss of MEMORY and MOOD SWINGS.

Now truthfully, most of us have those symptoms pretty regularly and wouldn’t think twice about getting a bottle of water to fix the problem. But thirst is a serious thing, and if not taken seriously, can lead to some major problems, and cause other issues in the body….even death!

The Samaritan Woman showed all three of those major clues in her life!

  • DIPS IN CONCENTRATION – Trouble remaining FOCUSED. Now, remember we are using this as a spiritual application. When she came face to face with Christ, and He spoke to her and asked for a drink, she immediately began to speak about the history and issues between Samaritans and Jews. The creator of the world didn’t need to ask her for water, but rather He was calling to something deeper. She missed it, and began to talk about trivial things of “Race and Culture“. Things that had nothing to do with the real issues in her life. Those were easy “go tos” for trying to distract Christ from seeing her damaged, broken, and Thirsty heart. While she was distracted by those things, He surely wasn’t. He took an opportunity to reach her while no one was around to distract her, or influence. He also didn’t want to embarrase her. It was something he wanted to do in private, not in front of the entire town or disciples, because He loved her and wanted desperately to reach her heart. So, He waited until they were gone and it was just He and his beloved woman of Samaria. Yet, He did want to make it very clear that she was not fooling anyone! He quickly went to a place in their conversation that drew her back in FOCUS.
  • LOSS OF MEMORY – Denial. It was like she had lost her memory. She didn’t have a complete reflection of her life or her past. When He asked the question where is your husband, she replied with, “I have no husband“. This was one of those, True….but not THE TRUTH! This is important because for many of us, we have an idea of what we think we are, where we have come from, and what life was like. We even sometimes create an alternate reality of the truth. Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to change the story of your past in order to overcome it“. This sounds good, but the bible says that, “The TRUTH is what makes us free“, John 8:32. Trying to cover up her past, trying to forget that it existed, wouldn’t prevent that past from revisiting ever so often in her new relationships. Eventually creating a grave of bones that keep stacking under her bed.

Jesus had to take her there, because she wouldn’t have willingly gone there herself. She wanted to keep that part of her life a secret. But real growth in her life couldn’t take place until she could face her self. She in fact had 5 failed marriages. I imagine that is a real hard pill to swallow. Why? Well, if something you touch fails once, you could say it was just bad timing, or perhaps it was the other person. If something you touch goes wrong twice, then you could say, “hey, it’s a fluke”. But, if something you touch fails 5 times….at some point, she had to know she was apart of the problem in her failed marriages.  Who wouldn’t want to forget that…..right?!?!

  • MOOD SWINGS – Unaccountable change of moods. When you experience mood swings, that’s never a good time to make life altering decisions. Going from relationship to relationship, bed to bed, marriage to marriage, is a good indicator that someone’s mood is not stable. It was considered unhealthy and a display of immaturity when someone displayed this kind of behavior. Yet, somehow the narrative has been turned around and given a stamp of approval for both men and women in the world. Liberating is what it’s now called, and not shameful. The mood of society has shifted so much, and thus has dragged with it a whole generation or two of young people who no longer know how to have a productive, safe and Godly relationship in a Marriage context. Going with your FEELINGS rather than your FAITH and Sound judgement.

Somewhere down the line and at the end of 5 failed marriages, the Samaritan woman had decided that she no longer believe in marriage. She perhaps thought it was no longer necessary. Could you blame her….I mean, if it didn’t work 5 times, then why even keep trying. But, she had failed to realize that the MOOD SWINGS she experienced that sent her bouncing from relationship to relationship, was a large indicator of a THIRST that could not be quenched by marriage. Marriage doesn’t make you whole, and having someone to sleep next to wasn’t cutting it for her. But rather having the deeper parts of her life (Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually) filled by a relationship with her Heavenly Father first. She had relied on the History of her people, the Knowledge of Scripture and the “ins and outs” of the culture around her, yet those things meant nothing and had no power, void of a personal relationship with CHRIST! Thus, He was compelled to come and meet her by the well. The very place that she came to get a drink daily, but walked away empty and alone, to a full bed, but an empty heart.

Her distracted behavior, loss of memory, and mood swings, caused major problems in her relationships and were no doubt apart of the reasons why they failed. But, with Christ….they were the very reason why He came to where she was. He met her at her worst, so He could finally help her be her best! In John 4:25, she expressed from her heart that she was waiting for the Messiah to come, and that is all He needed to reveal Himself to her. The moment He said to her, “I am HE”, vs. 26,….the REHYDRATION happened. In that moment, her life was reconnected, the I.V. was put in and the REVIVAL began to take place. It was like she got up off her sick bed at that moment and went to LIVE. Truly live a life she had never had before. A life that was not reliant on who was in her bed, but rather life that is based on the one that had taken her heart….CHRIST Jesus! .

Perhaps you can connect with the Samaritan Woman’s story. It’s one that has no race, no color, or culture. It is real, it is alive and well in our day and it still is on Christ radar…to meet each and everyone of us at our DRY places. At the WELLS we have been coming to for years, and still walk away THIRSTY, DEHYDRATED, ALONE and UNHAPPY. We can also be REVIVED  and brought back to LIFE by the living Water of His Word. We cry out:

Psalms 63:1, “O God, thou art my God. Early will I seek thee: my soul thirst for thee in an DRY and Thirsty land, where no water is.

His reply to you is:

John 4:13-14, “….Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall NEVER THIRST; but the water that I shall give him shall be IN HIM a well of water springing up into EVERLASTING LIFE.






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