ROLLER COASTER RIDE – Single Ladies Part 1

There is this amusement park called “SELF DECEPTION“. At this park, there are rides called Relationships. They are stationed all over the park. They all have different names. One is called “FINDAMATE“, another called “PREMARITAL SEX“, then there is another called “EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT“, and the last one is called “BROKEN HEART aka THE DEMON DROP“. This amusement park is expensive to get in and you always leave BROKE!


These rides have been around for yeeeeears and it’s always a challenge for people when they come to the park, to try to conquer these rides. You know, prove to themselves they can “handle it”.

Well, if you’ve ever ridden these roller coasters before, you know they can be a doozie. You get on with a lot of confidence and control, but halfway through the ride you realize you have made one of the BIGGEST mistakes of your life. You end up getting sick and by the time it’s all over, you have thrown up all over yourself and walking away stinky and embarrassed.

As much as you try to convince yourself your done, “NO MORE!!!“, you say……but you keep going back because it gives you a HIGH. The idea that this time It won’t be so bad, “perhaps I can make it through and come out ok”. But, each time you think you’ve got it under control, you end up right back where you started, feeling miserable, sick, and  embarrassed. You’ve even create some enemies along the way because those who are near you on the ride end up getting splattered with your mess.


Then you think….”well, maybe it’s just this ride, I’ll try a different one”. Then you bounce from roller coaster to roller coaster, trying different seats, and even as a last-ditch effort, try to slip onto a less intimidating coaster, like a kiddie coaster. But you get bored really quick with that because you miss the intense, fast, and exciting high of the ones that gets you out of your seat!  So, you go back and the cycle starts all over again.

So, why do people continue to get on the “Roller Coasters” if all it does is offer a horrible ride and leave you feeling empty, sick and broken. It’s because there is a part of us that thinks this time will be different. This time, “I will be able to handle it”….or “I’ll stop getting sick eventually”, “this time is different, I can feel it!!!”, and somehow you find yourself getting use to the dysfunction.

Can you imagine….getting use to DYSFUNCTIONAL relationships, DATING habits (compromising your body, your mind and your faith), putting your heart out there just to be broken. Feeling you can’t have better, or no one would actually treat you with respect, and dignity. Always feeling like you have to compromise to be loved! The endless cycle of getting in and out of relationships, over and over and over again, just to end right back up on the same old roller coaster, Sick and alone!

Well, let me offer you some advise! Keep your money and take your time and go spend them someplace that is sure to give you a better return. You don’t have to gamble and get sick in order to try to walk away feeling like you got your monies worth!

God has something far better awaiting for you if you trust Him! He promises that if you surrender to Him, he would give you the DESIRES of you heart and would withhold no GOOD THING from them that walk upright!

Psalms 84:11, “The Lord gives GRACE and GLORY; No GOOD THING does he withhold from those who WALK upright.

Psalms 37:4, “Find your JOY in the LORD and He will GIVE YOU the DESIRES of your Heart.

So, get off the Roller Coaster and just Walk with Christ…’ll come out better in the end. To find out how to get off the Roller Coaster, join me next time for ROLLERCOASTER RIDE Part 2

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