14 Yrs and GROWING

Today marks our 14 year wedding anniversary! Yes, we’ve made it through many years of growth, beautiful and challenging times. It has been a sweet ride. Now, I would love to tell you we have it all settled and together. In fact, we are constantly challenged to KNOW, SEW and GROW! What’s that you ask….well, let me explain.

Our marriage is a mound of dirt! Wait, don’t frown your face, and hear me out. Dirt is a necessary and good thing. It is needed to grow the seeds planted, and hope for a harvest. You can’t grow anything in soil that is not prepped and ready to receive the seeds. In fact, the seeds can simply die and not yield any fruit, which seems kind of crazy that anyone would do that, right? Believe it or not, many people try to have a good marriage without properly prepping the soil. They keep planting, and keep planting, and never get any results. The reasons for that are often times going ahead of God in relationships and trying to force what you want, instead of waiting on GOD. It’s frustrating working soil that is not ready, but it can get ready. It can be transformed and renewed, but make no mistake about it, it will take work, time and patience.

Then, you have to always remember not every soil is good for every crop. Study the soil, the area and climate to see if in fact it’s the proper place to expect to yield the fruit you want. Do that before you plant your seeds and you will spend far less time weeping over lost fruit. Likewise before marriage, if we go head of God, we will regret trying to force a relationship that simply isn’t what God intended for you and what he wants for your life. Before you make the commitment of marriage, get to know each other and see if this is something that will produce what God intended and what’s best for you.

Then there is the seeds you plant. If you want to grow tomatoes, you wouldn’t plant cucumber seeds. If you want to grow cabbage, those seeds grow best in fall months, not summer. Likewise, trying to grow peppers seeds in fall, just isn’t wise. Know your seeds, know why environment best helps them to grow and flourish. Without seeds, you can’t expect to have a harvest. Can you imagine going outside everyday to your garden, the soil is prepared, you water everyday, weed and get angry because you never see any thing grow. Now, that sounds silly right! Who would do that…..expecting something to grow without actually planting seeds??? But, you will be surprised at how many people actually expect something fruitful to grow in their marriage, without constantly planting seeds of love, appreciation, communication, time, etc.

Lastly, when you begin to see a yeild of fruit in your garden, and begin to eat of that fruit, you must remember to continue to encourage growth. If you leave the fruit there, and never use it or share it, it will rot and be of no use to you or anyone else. You must take the fruit from the vine and provide the plant an opportunity to continue to produce. Likewise with marriage, you must take what you learn, constantly applying it to your life and sharing it with others. If not, you eventually take each other for granted and it causes your marriage to rot and become stale.

Everyone knows there are seasons. Every year we know we will get Winter, Spring, Sommer, Fall in the Midwest. There are those seasons that you can’t grow any crops, so you must take the harvest from the growing months and store them up, so you can eat those during the months of no production. This too is the same with marriage. Simply put, every day won’t be summer. You will have hard winter months, struggles in your marriage. You will have cold times when you feel like this is just too much. Sometimes even want to move on to a warmer climate. But, my husband always says he LOVES 4 seasons. It keeps him appreciative of each season.

Every season has its purpose to help fruit to GROW! That is the ultimate goal, to grow. Whatever it takes to yeild the harvest in our marriages, that’s what we want God to do. I am thankful for 14 years of each growth and my love for him has grown and deepened with each season. May God bless the seasons of your marriage and growth that comes every day! 😉

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