Hi All!

Well, I wanted to share with you guys something I recently discovered a couple of weeks ago! It came about because I wanted to stop using store bought Deodorants/anti-perspirants. Several years ago I read an article about the dangers of aluminum being used in the deodorants we used on our bodies. At first I didn’t take it seriously, but when I began to get cysts under my arm, painful and large knots, I knew I had to do something, but because I did ‘t know what to do, I continued to use the store brands. I was told about natural deodorant like TOMS or the Crystal roll on rock, but they didn’t always work. So, I decided to search and I found a world of folks out there making their own.

So, as you know, I really love the challenge of making my own stuff, so I decided to give it a try. After not using ANYTHING For several weeks, trying to give my body a chance to get rid of the stuff I had been using, I started using my Homemade natural Deodorant. Plus, I started working out again so I really needed something that would work…..AND IT DID! My husband was even sold on it when I worked out one day and he couldn’t even smell A  THING! So, here is what I use as a natural Deodorant:

BaKing Soda

Shea Butter (Real solid that my hubby brought back from Africa)

Essential Oil

THATS IT! 3 ingredients That have no harsh or harmful chemicals in them. Baking soda cost .75 a box, the Shea Butter was the most expensive, as he purchased A LOT OF IT and it has last us for over 2 years, and essential oil, which was about $2 And can be used several times over with just a few drops at a time.


3 TBS Coconut Oil (solid form)

5 TBS Shea Butter

5 TBS Baking Soda

Few drops of essential oils

(T-Tree oil can also be added to help with the bacteria from sweating for those who normally would need extra-strength or medical strength deodorant)

Smash all of those ingredients together until the are creamed like butter. You can place the mixture in an old Deodorant bottle.

I did two recipes, one with out the coconut oil and one with. One with boiling the oils down first then adding the BS and Es Oils, then one with just smashing the Shea butter and adding the BS and Es Oils and mixing like butter.

They both turned out fine.



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