Day 1 – (All or NOTHING)

So today was OFFICIALLY my 1st day of the health challenge. I totally bombed yesterday. But I did good, I woke up this morning and ate breakfast, which I don’t normally do. Breakfast is made for the family, but I normally don’t partake in it. Yep, a really bad habit I know. But, today I ate oatmeal with fruit and a smoothie. Then for lunch I ate a red lentil soup my husband made, with some veggies and a cornbread flaxseed muffin I made from scratch. That was a last minute add-on because I just wanted a bread so badly, and I wanted it to be packed with fiber and good stuff so it worked out great! Then for super, which we already do every evening in our house, I made a smoothie and popcorn with yeast flakes. We ended out last meal at 6pm and that was that. I can be a later eater or snacker at times, but not often. But, when it do it’s normally because I am stressed, or bored, or some kind of emotion has come upon me and I want to just eat it away. But, I am doing my best to stay away from that. My biggest problem has been that I really am not a water drinker. I LOVE JUICE! Orange juice, Apple Juice are my favorite. But, I realized that I really need to get my water intake up and as a result I know my weight will go down.

Another one of my problems, and I have had this for several yeas now, is a lack of being able to sleep at night. It has gotten worse of course when I had my last two little ones, who are 14 months apart. I just have stayed in the mode of when they are finally asleep at 8pm (that is the hope and sometimes doesn’t work out that way) I try to get my “Me” time after that, or “Clean” time or “computer” time , but it takes me until midnight to get to the point that I can finally sleep. This has become a really bad habit and I know for sure it has caused me much harm in the end. So, I am going to work really hard to try and change that over the next 60 days. My goal is to be in bed by 10pm this evening, perhaps evening earlier (but that’s pushing it).

Lastly, today I took the time to workout for 40 minutes with my husband. He has working out for a while now, but I am just now catching up. I had totally given up on the setting aside time to exercise things for so many reasons that really are good reasons at all. But today I was determined to do it and I accomplished it. I walked/ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill, and it was CRAZY! However, I just kept going no matter what and I made it through. I completed 4, 349 steps, 1.84 miles and burned 274 calories. It was great and I felt so good afterward.

So, day one down, and so far so good. I must tell you all though, a correction to the weight I posted before. I looked in my book that the weigh-in was logged and I am actually 198.4 pounds. I am only a little less than 2lbs away from being 200 POUNDS! I really sat back this morning and looked at that and just couldn’t believe how far I had gotten with this thing. It’s was like I went from 130 lbs to 200 over night, but of course it never is that easy. I realized I had just given up on myself and sunk into the routine of caring for others, slacking on my healthy and not paying attention to the little things that can add up really quickly to big things. That running up and down the stairs chasing kids, cleaning and washing clothes isn’t really good enough. So, today I am doing something about it!

See ya tomorrow folks and I hope you have a great evening and get a good nights sleep…..I am sure praying I do, lol. Hugs and remember…. U R LOVED 🙂

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