Shedding TIERS over my 1st Wedding Cake!

Well guys, I MADE IT! This was surely a week for me to remember. I had a wonderful opportunity to make my FIRST WEDDING CAKE for my friends Justin and Rachel. It was surely an honor that they trusted me to play such a major part in their day. But, I must say, I was a bit scared! I mean, I’ve been a bride before and when it came to the cake, US brides don’t play 🙂  But, I was up to the challenge. I learned a lot while doing this cake…things like balance and organization with planning your cakes, baking schedule and design schedule. So much goes into making a cake, but it’s such a wonderful creative process. I enjoyed taking the idea they gave me for what they wanted and building upon that. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and this truly is an art for sure. The original idea of the cake just had 3 tiers, but once I found out how many were expected at the reception, I took a little creative license and did something a little different to add to the volume of cake. So, I was a baking sister for sure LOL.

But, I must say, I almost LOST IT when I saw the distance that I had to carry the cake into the venue! All I could think about was the moment’s of disaster happening in slow motion as my lil baby girl angel followed behind me and my lil boy Gabe running in front of me twirling around singing, “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY”, as he stopped abruptly and my body flying to the floor, as the cake went sailing across the room and landing on the entrance of the reception venue! Ugggg. But, God sent an angel…with a roll away cart! At that moment, I wanted to hug that lady…which of course you know I did. I know she thought I had just lost my mind, lol. So, we made it into the venue safely and then the next step to overcome was the transfer from the cart to the cake table, and begin stacking the tiers. I think I was sweating sugar at that point, as that was the last of the hurdles to climb with this baby! But, it went off well and the decorating the cake with the fresh pink roses, Hydrangea flowers and Babies Breath, were just amazing. The flowers totally transformed the cake into something I had not even imagined. My friend Judy and Keri helped me get those babies in order and when we stood back to look at it in disbelief!  I just couldn’t believe what was sitting on that table. So, here it is folks….I hope you too are inspired to GO FOR IT! I did, and God truly blessed beyond what I could even imagine.

Chocolate and Vanilla Marbled Layer Cake w/Butter Cream Frosting (VEGAN)

4 Tiers/double layered/16″,14″,12″ & 9″



3 top tiers

3 top tiers



I guess this is the true beginning of my career as a BAKER, lol. So, spread the word and please keep me in your prayers. Thank you all so much for your support of this dream of mine and remember….U R LOVED 🙂

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