Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is doing great! I have been so busy lately with getting back into the homeschool swing of things that I have been away too long.

Well, it’s that time of year again and I am looking forward to cooking a wonderful THANKSGIVING FEAST for my family that’s coming to town in November. I am going to have a mixture of those who are veggies, vegans and also meat eaters, so I want to do something special for everyone, but I am not going to have the time to do several different pies. So, this year I am going to be making my VEGAN SWEET POTATO PIES and NO ONE will know the difference, LOL.  Normally when I make my pies, I use the ingredients my grandmother taught me to use, which were fresh sweet potatoes, nutmeg, Cinnamon, sugar, BUTTA (As Paul Dean would say) salt, and eggs. But, when doing the vegan version, I substitute my butter and eggs with vegan butter, and a secret ingredients that acts just as good as eggs would being cooked in a high degree oven. I also sub my sugar with Agave nectar or organic Cain Sugar. I may even try to do a little vegan wiped topping to just give a little MMMMmmmmmm factor, LOL. The crust is also vegan as well, and pretty easy to make.

So, if you would like to enjoy some of this VEGAN Sweet Potato Pie or even Pumpkin Pie, feel free place an order! I will be taking orders up until the week before THANKSGIVING. I will be making a couple this week and posting some pics. Freezing them for THANKSGIVING TIME to get ahead of the meal planning is always a great idea.

$13.00 Per Pie 🙂    Not bad for HOME MADE, VEGAN and FRESH ingredients.

Shoot me an email to or reach me on Facebook.

Hugs everyone and remember…… U R LOVED!


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