50’s are FAB!

HI Guys! Well, this cake experience for me was one of the most rewarding and special so far. I had the privilege of being entrust to make my Aunts 50th birthday cake for her celebration! It was so special and it also was a time for our family to come together and see one another, which many of us had not in so long. The day turned out great! It was truly a celebration and you get a chance to see how fast time really does fly. Watching my children play with my cousin’s children like we did when we were younger was truly an amazing moment. I had flashbacks of my childhood and I will cherish many of those moments for the rest of my life. The end of the night brought the singing of Happy Birthday to my Aunt and watching her face was just wonderful. I was happy to be apart of it and look forward to seeing many more years with my family.

Now, to see the cake process and the end result. From the beginning process of making the cakes, layering, sculpting, dirty icing, stacking, decoration & Bling to finished CAKE! This particular cake was 3 tier and each tier had a different filling (vanilla cake, with butter cream in each layer. Bottom tier was filled with Strawberry, middle tier was cherry and top tier was all butter cream filing. The fondant flowers, and 50 was made out of fondant (Dark Chocolate) and of course they were edible, and also the BLING out D was my aunts initial with Orange and white diamonds.

I have to say, I was sweating bullets when carrying the cake out to the backyard to sing happy birthday. It was heavy, but manageable. When I finally reached the table without tripping over one of my lil cousins (Who they happen to be a MILLION of that particular night) running all over the place, I turned and collapse in my mother’s arms, LOL. So thankful for not having one fo those “FOOD NETWORK” moments, that I happen to feel in the bottom of my stomach when I watch the baking shows and the person has to carry the billion pound cape and sculptures over to the judges table. SWWeeeeeeewwww! I made it!!! PTL.

So, on to the next triumph and cake challenge. We’ll see what’s up next, but until then, enjoy the gallery of pics bellow, from the start of the cake to finish result. Give me a call if you need a cake done. Holidays, birthdays, special occasions, weddings, you name it 🙂 My pricing list will be posted later this week. Thank you for your encouragement and blessings friends. Hugs and REMEMBER……U R LOVED ❤

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