Tops the Cake!

First Cake Top

My first cake top made in my Culinary Cake Class with Michelle Bommarito.

Hi Guys!

Well, I wanted to share with you my experience of attending my first Culinary Cake Decor class. It was amazing and Michelle was truly amazing to learn from. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to learn from a real Food Network Cake baking Star! You could just tell by being around her that she really had the personality and the talent to have her own show. It was a blessing to come across this class being held at my local community college. There are very few of them offered, getting a chance to catch this one was a treat, but I almost missed it because of my own discouragement.

I had been counting down the days to my class. I kept running through my pantry making sure I had all the tools I would need to do the 5 hour sessions. When the day finally arrived, I was so nervous. My sweet husband took the kids for me, and I was off in the car to the school. When I arrived, it was HUGE! I didn’t know where I was going and when I finally did figure it out, I couldn’t find the class. I wondered around going up and down the two level building, floor to floor room by room. I knew I could count, but the rooms numbers were rather crazy and I just couldn’t understand why 630 would come after room 500 and then no more numbers. I walked into the wrong class thinking they may have changed rooms and no other class seemed to be going on in this quiet school. But, I soon learned after seeing the chef enter the room with a Rack of Lamb, I had the wrong class.

So, back in the hallway, sitting on a bench, feeling discouraged and so down. I bowed my head and prayed, “God, please help me. You know I really want to take this class and would enjoy the time away to do something I like. Please show me”. After I was done praying and a little tear formed in my eye. I grabbed my bags and began to walk to the exit door, when something told me to turn around and go toward a room labeled, “Students Entrance”. I had seen that room before, but when I entered, it just had lockers in it. But this time, I opened and walked all the way through to the back and turned to the left and saw room 635…..the very room I was looking for. At that moment I thought to my self, “Who in the world would find this class, if they have never been here before!”. But when I entered the room, apparently all 25 other students would, lol. They saw the disappointment on my face as I walked in and carefully walked me to my table. I found a seat next to a nice young lady who made me feel very good about my late arrival, encouraging me that I didn’t miss much. But, when working with a PRO, every second counts. So, I determined to just suck it up and get in the ZONE!…and I DID!

I had a wonderful time and learned so much, that once seemed impossible and hard, and now was just a piece of CAKE, literally LOL. I can’t begin the to share with you the wealth of information she gave and it will be with me the rest of my life. But, the most important lesson I learned was don’t give up so easily, especially when you haven’t PRAYED about it! I was getting ready to head out the door prior to praying, but I knew I should have at least taken my problem to God first before walking away. In fact, I should have taken it to Him before I even entered the building. I knew I had never been in this place before, it would be knew for me, so anything could happen. With that, I should have invited God to take me to this class before I left. But needless to say, He took care of me. But, what if He never answered my pray, or at least in the way I wanted im to and just let me walk out the door without saying a word to me about turning around and trying something I hadn’t done before. It still would have been a blessing because I needed to trust He knows best. If I would have just allowed what seemed to be a closed-door to motivate me to leave, I would have lost time, money and skills.

I guess all I wanted to share from this experience was, don’t give up so easily and don’t walk into something without asking God for guidance first. He can and will be with you and answer your prayers, that’s what He does. Even if He says no sometimes, trust He has His way of replenishing what you think you lost and perhaps He has something better for you on the other side of the disappointment!

Hugs my Cupcakes and remember………U R LOVED, even when you make the wrong turn!

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