This is my first try at canning! I was very afraid to try this because I thought I had to go out and buy all this special equipment. However, it really was very easy. All I really needed was a deep pot and a special rack of some sort to place in the pot so the jars don’t touch the bottom. I have a pressure cooker with rack for cooking veggies, so I used that and it worked great. I then got to peeling my Golden Delicious that I got from my local farmer’s market. After cooking them down to soften in a bit of water, I added a little bit of sugar in the raw, and some cinnamon. The best part of this whole process was using my Ninja Blender, which took those apples and made a great puree in less than 30 sec. I boiled a large pot of water, and placed my Ball jars in there to sanitize and get ready for the hot apple sauce (which needs to remain warm to hot as well). Placed my caps which were sitting in a small pot heating (not boiling) but just enough so they would seal correctly when place on the jars and then placed back into the boiling hot water to get them ready to seal. I did 4 jars, one didn’t come out sealed properly….but we just took that as a sign that we should eat it instead, lol. I could have just gotten a new jar and cap (or washed out the jar I used and dried well, and did the process over with a new cap and seal). OH WELL, LOL

We love to eat our apple sauce with oatmeal as a nice substitute for sugar or on a nice piece of warm toasted bread…Ummmmm. Love It! I also use it when I am baking vegan cupcakes. It provides a nice moist texture to baked goods without the dairy or eggs.

There you have it! Home made apples sauce! I have a lot more to do and many more things I want to try. If you have a canning recipe or food you like or want to try and can, send it to me and we’ll try it out.

So proud of myself…now let’s hope we don’t eat up all the stash before summer, LOL. Hugs and remember…..U R LOVED!

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