Big old helping of Kibroth Soup!

Over the last several months I have had an opportunity to do some interesting studying about ADDICTION. It’s a very interesting thing when you look at it from a biblical point of view. Most times when looking at that subject, you think of only alcohol or drug abuse. But ADDICTION can be an any form….even RELIGIOUS addiction.

For me, I had to take a hard look at myself and acknowledge that I have a food addiction, and perhaps discovering some others along the way. But, while reviewing the root of Addictive behaviors, my mind quickly went to the children of ISRAEL. Now, none of these folks (we would assume) had any addictions to crack or prescription drugs. But, they surely did pick up some pretty hard-core stuff in EGYPT that apparently caused a lot of struggle with them and GOD. When you look at how they behaved when they couldn’t have a piece of meat. They were ready to KILL Moses at every turn when they couldn’t have what they craved. The Bible describes it in Numbers chapter 11 as the people complaining all around the camp, weeping and crying throughout their families, at the doors of their homes and MOSES was being driven up a wall basically. The complaining spirit was so profuse that it caused the entire camp to be affected, every household and the cry was so GREAT that GOD was moved and MOSES had to cry on his knees to GOD to help him deal with this rebellion. Their addiction drove them to fight against what they cried for which was freedom.

They had an EMOTIONAL attached to the place of their slavery. The same weeping and crying for freedom in the camp of EGYPT, was the same crying they were doing to return to EGYPT because it was what they had gotten use to. Being enslaved had become 1st nature, instead of freedom in GOD, which they had sought for years and years, generations upon generation. It’s crazy when you think about it, but they had in fact passed their issues and addictions onto their children. Now here they are, in freedom, delivered from their enemy (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, relationship, perfectionism, religion, TV, work and the list could go on and on) and now just as they are close to reaching the PROMISE land, they want to go back.

When I look at my life and where God has brought me from, I can remember a time being in a relationship that I should not have been in. It wasn’t a situation that I was confused about, or lacked understanding in. I KNEW I SHOULD NOT BE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP, but my emotional attachment to this person is what kept me there. When I would think about leaving or when the Holy Spirit would catch me and deal with me at moments, I knew I should leave, but I kept giving into the feelings that accompanied my thoughts of that person. It’s like that sometimes with FOOD, DRUGS, TV, WORK, and so many other things in life. The thing provides me with something that I am looking for but it’s very artificial, or counterfeit. Satan wants you to fulfill those natural desires in unnatural ways. Hunger, is not a sin, but if that hunger, drives you to do something that can harm yourself, or cause you to desire it more than you desire a whole and healthy relationship with the father, or to SIN, then you have crossed the line from need to a WANT. Wants most times, (again looking at the root of the want and what you are willing to do to get it) can lead you to deceive yourself into thinking that you are in control, while giving total control over to SATAN to play with you and next thing you know, you are looking back wondering HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE.

The children found themselves, a chose nation, a royal people, sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD, prince and princesses, people of integrity, courage, strength, fulling of calling and purpose and so much more…..sitting on a ground ON THEIR WAY to the promise land, gorging on the flesh of QUAIL. So much so that it started to come out of their noses and made them SICK! Then they found themselves full of disease and at the bring of dying after that, but that is another BLOG, LOL.

My point I guess is, take a look at were you are right now. Think about some of the things that you have allowed to come into your life and make you enslaved. Are you so emotionally attached that you have ignored counsel to LET IT GO. Or perhaps you have heard the warnings and cries to WALK AWAY, but admit that right now, YOU ARE ADDICTED. You don’t have the mindset to just be FREE. Perhaps it will take you some time to really sit down and think about it because the addiction is camouflage as a NEED and there for you have found yourself believing it’s NECESSARY. No matter were you are at this point, you can be SET FREE from bondage of any kind, and GOD can take those EMOTIONS that have attached themselves to you like cords and seem to keep dragging you backward, and replace them with CORDS of LOVE, which God will use to set you free from Bondage and slavery. First….you have to acknowledge…I HAVE A PROBLEM, and begin to identify what those are and the roots of those attachments that hold you to them.

Eventually the children of Israel learned their lesson (at least in that chapter), and subsequently the place was called KIBROTH Haatavah, because there is where they buried the people who had yielded to their CRAVINGS!

I don’t know about you, but I could do without the KILBROTH SOUP….

Hugs and love to you guys and REMEMBER…..EVEN in the midst of dealing with the Addictions in your life (which you can gain freedom from), U R STILL LOVED!

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