Q-doba Code Cracked!

My husband and I have started on this kick of trying to find great vegetarian/vegan foods around town and all over the world. It seems as though vegetarians have gotten the short end of the deal when it comes to most foods, or so it would seem. When you go out to eat in town, or travel around to other country, more restaurant have the Veggie options, but they are not always APPEALING. So, we decided to start a blog about our adventure of discovering new Veggie foods and even recreating our favorite foods which call for meat or some other items we don’t desire and make it our own.

So today we have taken hostage the QDOBA Chicken Burrito, with Cilantro Lime Rice, and Pinto Beans. We substituted the chicken normally used in the restaurant for Quorn Vegetarian substitute chicken bits (and made them with a chipotle lime sauce). U can also substitute the flour tortilla for whole wheat. I have to tell you folks, this turned out to be BETTER THAN QDOBA, and makes you say VEGGIE WHAT!

Stay tuned for more wonderful Veggie/Vegan experiences! Hugs and REMEMBER….U R LOVED!

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