Cupcakes – The way to a Man’s Heart!

Well, today I took on the adventure of making a Carrot Cupcake for my husband. The last cupcakes I made, he didn’t get a chance to take part in, so I figured I would make him is very own CUPCAKES. The very thought of making a Carrot Cake scared me to death, let alone Carrot Cupcakes. But, I pulled up my sleeves, got out my stuff……..and looked up a recipe, lol. I am not a blind baker by any means. I love watching cupcake wars because I know I could have no chance with those folks and those exotic spices, but I love a challenge. So, I went to war with this cupcake.

It’s a known fact in our family that my brother in-law, Nick, is the chief of the family and makes a WONDERFUL cupcake, so I called him to see if I could get some tips. So, we went from there and ended up with a great batter, nice and thick, yet airy and fluffy. Only thing I would do different next time is add the crushed pineapples, which he suggested in the first place, to add some texture and more nuts. The frosting was a mixture of Cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar. My next set will be vegan, which I can’t wait to try!

Have a look at them and let me know what you think. I’m no Paula Dean, but I think I could be her cousin….once removed, LOL.

Hugs everyone and remember U R LOVED.

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